The White Eagles is now a member of India’s oldest and elitist educational forum the Indian Pubic Schools’ Conference (IPSC). The Conference was founded in 1938 with just six schools to start with. Today there are 80 in India and only 5 in Gujarat. The major objective of the Conference was to advise the Government on educational problems and educate the Indian Public to appreciate the need for a number of first class schools in India whose general training is designed to prepare boys of ability for positions of leadership and responsibility in all walks of life; and to encourage the opening, development and expansion of such schools. Today, IPSC is gender sensitive with many coeducational Schools and gladly boasts of propagating Jiddu Krishnamurti and Kanayalal Munshi’s educational philosophy. The East has met with the West still the objectives remain the same, which is to give good citizens to the nation.