No Text Books

Subject teachers use CBSE prescribed textbooks by NCERT and books by other approved publishers along with relevant Reference Books, but, to encourage learning through creativity and to discourage memorization, textbooks are not given to students in Classes I to VIII. However, as and when required, motivating teaching aids and work sheets are used. Students in Class IX to XII do use prescribed textbooks but guides are not permitted.

No Homework

Being a Long Day School with 10 hours a day and periods of 60-minute duration, learning is in between recapitulation and evaluation. As such no day to day homework is given, but during vacations, mid term breaks and non working days, assignments, based on activity, for the purpose of pre-preparation and pursuance for advanced learning, are given. During working days, as and when required, interesting drilling exercises are assigned.

No Examination

There are no examinations but there is a system of Continuous Evaluation. Day to day learning learnt is evaluated through activity, viva, objective and subjective competency. Languages are evaluated through the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Continuous Evaluation Reports are sent to parents every working month.

No Marks and Percentage

System of Marks, even in the best form of evaluation, has proved to be defective. Difference of just one mark divides 'Fail' from 'Pass' or 'Credit' from 'Distinction' and precision of evaluation to the perfection of one mark is almost impossible. Hence, the system of Grades is more justifiable than the system of Marks. In a 10+1 Scale of Grades, each Grade spans 10 marks AA with 0.00 Point records 100%, which is the highest achievement, E2 with 5.00 Points, spanning 10 marks, shows the lowest achievement and C2, with 3.00 Points, spanning 10 marks, is fixed as the minimum required achievement for passing. Difference between each Scale of Grade is 0.50 Point and there is a difference of 0.05 Point for each mark. That is if 100 is 0.00 Point, 99 is 0.05. Rank is given to all and it indicates the standing of a child in his class.